(Excerpted from Phoenixbird’s secret diairy)
Dear diairy,
I wish that some things looked the same but not others.
For example, have you noticed that if you’re going to take a shower in a place you haven’t been before, you think you’ve tried every variant there is, because you’ve tried 100 different ones, but you can bet that when you walk into this one and have undressed completely, you find yourself facing variant #101, and you have no idea how to start the water flowing! And to top it all off, you can’t find a bathrobe anywhere, so you have to dress completely again, unless you want to walk out in a towel to ask for help. I wish there were very strict rules that dictated how showers, windows, child-proof bottle tops etc should look. There should be a very expensive penalty if a company did something different.
On the other hand, I wish that all the houses in my neighbourhood didn’t look the same! I’m blind, and when I walk outside, I always have a sighted guide with me. And even if they’ve guided me many times before, they often find themselves lost because all houses, flower beds, statues, parking lots etc look exactly the same! It drives me nuts!!! It would be so much easier if everything looked different. In that case I could say: “My house is the only one in the neighbourhood that’s painted like a chessboard” or: “Oh you can’t miss it; it’s the only one that’s shaped like a meringue and coloured neon pink!” I don’t mind if it’s ugly, but just please make them different! What’s wrong with our society? Aren’t we supposed to celebrate diversity?